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France’s Draft Law: Citizens Who Speak out against the Covid-19 Vaccine. “3 Years Prison and €45,000 Fine”

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On February 14, 2024, France’s Assemblée Nationale adopted a controversial draft law “to strengthen the fight against “sectarian drift” (in French dérive sectaire).

Click here to view video of National Assembly, February 14, 2024

The draft law was an initiative of the French government of Emmanuel Macron which will be presented to the Senate by the Minister of the Interior in the name of Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne.

Author’s Translation from the French 

Presentation decree

The Prime Minister,

On the report of the Minister of the Interior and Overseas,

Having regard to Article 39 of the Constitution,


This draft law to strengthen the fight against sectarian excesses, deliberated in the Council of Ministers pursuant to the opinion of the Council of State, will be presented to the Senate by the Minister of the Interior and Overseas, who will be responsible for setting out the reasons and supporting the discussion, with the assistance of the Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior and Overseas, in charge of citizenship and to the Minister of the Interior and Overseas and the Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, in charge of the city.

Paris, November 15, 2023

Signed: Élisabeth BORNE

By the Prime Minister:

The Minister of the Interior and Overseas

Signed: Gérald DARMANIN

The Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior and Overseas, in charge of citizenship and to the Minister of the Interior and Overseas and the Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, in charge of the city


Parliamentary Debate on “Dérive Sectaire”,  Sectarian Drift 

The draft law had first been debated on February 13.  2024

“A coalition of oppositions rejected the article [IV] on Tuesday evening [February 13], as the Senate did at the end of 2023. MPs LFI, LR and RN denounce a threat to “public freedoms” and to “whistleblowers” who criticize the pharmaceutical industry.

The following day (February 14, 2024) late into the night, following the question period,  a narrow vote was taken (116-108) repealing the vote of the previous day. There were about 40% of the 577 members of the National Assembly present when the vote was called. 

After long debates, the deputies adopted at first reading the draft law against “sectarian abominations” [dérive sectaire]  on February 14, in which they reintegrated the controversial article 4, which creates a new crime of “provocation to abstention from medical care”.(“provocation à l’abstention de soins”) 

Article 4 of Chapter III, proposes to amend the Criminal Code to punish “provocation” on a sick person to “abandon or refrain from following medical treatment”, if this abandonment is presented as beneficial when it could lead to dangerous consequences.

(France Info, author’s translation, emphasis added)

According to France Info:

Article IV, “aims to fight against “charlatans” and “gurus 2.0”, who promote on the Internet methods presented as “miracle solutions” to cure serious diseases such as cancers. Often without scientific training and in defiance of science, they can drift towards behaviors of sectarian influence.

The “dérive sectaire” (sectarian drift) has allegedly increased dramatically, …”in particular because of the Covid-19 epidemic and the use of social networks.”

By punishing these behaviors, the crime of “provocation to abstention from care” would therefore serve to “fill a real gap in our arsenal by equipping us with effective means to fight against therapeutic excesses of a sectarian”… Up to three years in prison for these “provocations”

After long debates, the deputies adopted at first reading the draft law against “sectarian abominations” [dérive sectaire]  on February 14, in which they reintegrated the controversial article 4, which creates a new crime of “provocation to abstention from medical care”.(“provocation à l’abstention de soins”) (France Info, emphasis added)

Dérive séctaire points to non-conformity in response to an official government narrative.

link to French government website


Based on the experience of the Miviludes, which receives some 2,000 reports per year, the sectarian drift can be defined as follows:

The sectarian drift

It is a diversion of freedom of thought, opinion or religion that violates public order, laws or regulations, fundamental rights, the security or integrity of persons. It is characterized by the implementation, by an organized group or by an isolated individual, whatever his nature or activity, of pressures or techniques aimed at creating, maintaining or exploiting in a person a state of psychological or physical subjection, depriving him of part of his free will, with harmful consequences for that person, his entourage or for society. (emphasis added)

What is the purpose of the Draft Law:

“… strengthen the fight against sectarian aberrations (dérive sectaire) [sectarian drift], deliberated in the Council of Ministers

What this implies is to strengthen and extend the totalitarian sectarian drift concept to health and medicine.

The Draft Law:

creates a new crime of “provocation to abstention from medical care”.(“provocation à l’abstention de soins”) 

The text of this draft law is chaotic, with confused statements. It acknowledges that the sectarian drift increased dramatically during the corona crisis.

The Draft Law does not explicitly refer to the Covid-19 Vaccine, which ultimately is the Bombshell. It constitutes an abominable threat. It criminalizes the protest movement against the Covid-19 Vaccine.

It provides legitimacy to a vaccine which has resulted in and upward movement in excess mortality.

What it intimates is a penalty of up to “three years of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 Euros” for French citizens who dare speak out against the Covid-19 vaccine.

These include not only thousands of scientists and medical doctors, but also people from all walks of life in towns and communities across France.

Concurrently it derogates fundamental human rights. It also points to the criminalization of parliamentary democracy. 

According to renowned Lawyer David Guyon:

“In reality, it is clear that anyone who has criticized vaccination against covid-19 could be considered of having committed an offence. However, the aforementioned offences do not make it possible to suppress dissident opinions on health policy.

In this case, it is necessary to have an opinion that is contrary to the scientific consensus and that is only likely to have serious consequences. 

Consequently, such a text would be dramatic and would repress any challenge to the official word. This is why it must be fought.

The Lie Has Become the Truth. The Derogation of Fundamental Human Rights

What this decision –which is yet be voted upon by France’s Senate– implies that THE LIE HAS BECOME THE TRUTH.

You can be arrested for informing friends and neighbours that the Covid-19 vaccine is a toxic substance?

Does this mean that you cannot even quote official data on mortality and morbidity? 

Does this mean that the numerous studies on excess mortality pertaining to the Covid-19 Vaccine cannot be published or quoted? 

Can you be arrested for saying that Pfizer –which leads the Covid-19 vaccine agenda Worldwide– has a criminal record with the US Department of Justice? 

In other words, the Covid-19 “vaccine” distributed at the level of the entire planet is produced by a pharmaceutical company which was indicted by the US Department of Justice (2009) on charges of “fraudulent marketing”. 

Bear in mind this a criminal indictment. It was not a civilian class action law suit. 

The Covid-19 Vaccine Is Killing Our Children

Pfizer is killing our children. And our governments are being bribed by Big Pharma. 

Under France’s new draft law, can you be arrested for stating the truth:

Our Children and Adolescents are Dying Worldwide

Student at the Lycée Valabre de Luynes-Gardannem, Aix-en-Provence, France, Sofia Benharira, 16 years old passed away on September 21, 2021, 7 days after having received the deadly Pfizer vaccine. Heart attacks and Thrombosis. 

This is happening all over the World. 

Children and adolescents are dying. 



Either the media fails to report vaccine related deaths or it states (with authority) that the deaths are attributable to Covid-19. 

What is the Truth. Examine the Evidence. “Excess Mortality”

The evidence which has been blatantly ignored  both by the French Government and the Assemblée Nationale is overwhelming:

Numerous studies confirm that the Covid-19 vaccine has triggered a Worldwide upward trend in mortality and morbidity.

Visibly the Assemblée Nationale failed to acknowledge the data from official sources which confirm a rising trend in Covid-19 Vaccine related mortality.

See the important study on excess mortality entitled:

COVID-19 Vaccine-associated Mortality in the Southern Hemisphere

By Prof Denis Rancourt, Dr. Marine Baudin, Dr. Joseph Hickey, and Dr. Jérémie MercierFebruary 13, 2024

What is displayed below are graphs for 6 countries, to consult all the graphs (section 5.1), click here

What is revealing is that for most of the countries the same tendency characterizes the relationship between All Cause Mortality and The Number of Doses Administered 

Vaccine Related Mortality: Selected Countries.

(Prof Denis Rancourt, Dr. Marine Baudin, Dr. Joseph Hickey, and Dr. Jérémie Mercier)

ACM All Causes Mortality. Number of deaths per month

Vax Doses Administered per week

Mortality. 1 year Moving Average

The vaccine administration by week (e.g., orange, Figure 2), for all-ages analyses in the present paper, is obtained from the original cumulative data (OWID, 2023a) by interpolating to obtain all dates, and then summing by week. As a result, where there are sudden jumps in the cumulative data, this can produce a large weekly value as an artifact, such as for the Philippines (Figure 2). Similarly, drops in cumulative values can produce artificial negative weekly values, as seen in a few cases, below.

Vaccine Related Morbidity 

Covid-19 Vaccine related Mortality is accompanied by Vaccine related Morbidity.

A recent UK study focussing on Cancer Related Excess Mortality and Morbidity in England and Wales outlines the following: 

The table below pertains to excess deaths related to malignant neoplasm (cancerous tumor) in England and Wales, recorded in three consecutive years: 2020, 2021, and 2022 vs. a 10 year trend (2010-2019).

The data for excess mortality in 2020 (the year prior to the vaccine) are negative with the exception of “malignant neoplasm without specification of site”.

The vaccine was launched in the UK in December 2020. The COVID-19 vaccine was rolled-out in several phases in England and Wales starting on December 8, 2020  and extending into March-April 2021. 

The upward movement in excess mortality (%) commences in 2021. The increase in excess mortality related to malignant neoplasm is tabulated for the two first years of the vaccine. 

Evidence of Individual Cases of Vaccine Related Mortality and Adverse Events

See the more than 300 documented individual cases of  Covid-19 vaccine related mortality and adverse events by Dr. William Makis

Oops: “Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid-19 Vaccine “Says the Truth” 

What happens if you quote the Pfizer Report?

Can you be arrested and imprisoned for revealing the data on mortality and adverse events in Pfizer’s Confidential report which was made public under Freedom of Information? This report should be consulted and made available to millions of people: 

The Confidential report is a bombshell. The vaccine was launched in mid-December 2020. By the end of February 2021, “Pfizer had already received more than 1,200 reports of deaths allegedly caused by the vaccine and tens of thousands of reported adverse events, including 23 cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders.”

This Confidential Pfizer Report provides data on deaths and adverse events recorded by Pfizer from the outset of the vaccine project in December 2020 to the end of February 2021, namely a very short period (at most two and a half months).

The data from mid-December 2020 to the end of February 2021 unequivocally confirms “Manslaughter”. Based on the evidence, Pfizer had the responsibility to immediately cancel and withdraw the “vaccine”.

Pfizer’s Worldwide marketing of the Covid-19 Vaccine beyond February 28th, 2021, is no longer an “Act of Manslaughter”.

Murder as opposed to Manslaughter implies “Criminal Intent”.

Pfizer’s Covid 19 Vaccine constitutes a Criminal Act. From a legal standpoint it is an “Act of Murder” applied Worldwide to a target population of 8 billion people. Sofar more than 60 percent of the World’s population have been Covid-19 vaccinated.

For details, consult:

Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence is Overwhelming. The Vaccine Should Be Immediately Withdrawn Worldwide

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, February 17, 2024

See Also 

J’Accuse! The Gene-based “Vaccines” Are Killing People. Governments Worldwide Are Lying to You the People, to the Populations They Purportedly Serve

By Doctors for COVID Ethics, October 22, 2022

Click here to read the complete Pfizer report. 

Excerpt Pfizer Report, Figure 1

Click here to read the complete Pfizer report. 

Concluding Remarks 

The French government, the National Assembly and the Senate must be challenged by a mass movement across France and the European Union,

What we are witnessing is the outright “Criminalization of the state apparatus” whereby politicians, members of parliament, senior government officials are routinely bribed, coopted or threatened to abide by a diabolical project which is literally destroying people’s lives Worldwide.

We call upon the Senate to dismiss the National Assembly’s Adoption of the Draft Law entitled

Le Project de Loi  visant a renforcer la lutte contre les “Dérives Sectaires”

Should Pfizer be Fined 45,000 Euros, Imprisoned for Three Years??  

What is contained in  Pfizer’s “confidential” report is detailed evidence on the impacts of the “vaccine” on mortality and morbidity. This data which emanates from the “Horse’s Mouth” can now be used to confront as well formulate legal procedures against Big Pharma, the governments, the WHO and the media.

The members of France’s National Assembly must take cognizance of this report. In a Court of Law, the evidence contained in this Big Pharma confidential report (coupled with the data on deaths and adverse events compiled by the national authorities) is irrefutable: because it is their data and their estimates and not ours. 

This is a de facto Mea Culpa on the part of Pfizer. #Yes it is a Killer Vaccine

Pfizer was fully aware that the mRNA vaccine which it is marketing Worldwide would result in a wave of mortality and morbidity. This is tantamount to a crime against humanity on the part of Big Pharma.

Pfizer knew from the outset that it was a killer vaccine. 

It is also a  Mea Culpa and Treason on the part of corrupt national governments Worldwide which are being threatened and bribed by Big Pharma.

No attempt has been made by the governments to call for the withdrawal of the killer vaccine.

Michel Chossudovsky, February 18, 2024

For a detailed and comprehensive analysis (Book released in August 2022)

The Worldwide Corona Crisis, Global Coup d’État Against Humanity

Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression

By Michel Chossudovsky

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Translations in several languages are envisaged. The book is available in print form in Japanese. 

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