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Russell Brand Warns Tucker About Authoritarianism ‘Radically Escalating,’ Calls Out Groups Creating ‘Cultural Tension’

Comedian Russell Brand warned Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson about the “radically escalating” authoritarianism he believes will come, calling out organizations who are potentially creating “cultural tension.”

Brand appeared on Carlson’s show on X (formerly known as Twitter) to discuss his reporting and the censorship he has faced over it. Carlson had asked Brand about the previous censorship he had faced following his reporting on issues within the COVID-19 pandemic. As the comedian explained the information that was being “de-amplified,” Carlson noted how the issues seemed “totalitarian.” (RELATED: Elon Musk Says He’s ‘Disappointed’ After Russell Brand Touts Rumble As ‘Free Speech’ Platform In Ban Response)

“This seems totalitarian. To control what people are allowed to think – I think that’s the definition of it,” Carlson stated. 

Brand agreed with the Daily Caller co-founder stating that it appears “authoritarianism” is being weaponized through language such as “care, concern, safety, and convenience.” The comedian emphasized that through the use of ongoing crisis’ the public is then manipulated to give up “their freedom.” 

“I suppose that’s what in essence what I’ve started to feel and report on consistently, Brand stated. But it seems to me that authoritarianism now is being deliberately veiled in the insidious language of care, concern, safety, and convenience. It seems to me that we’re in a time where we lurch from one crisis to another. The crisis is always used to legitimize certain solutions and a docile or terrified public is willingly to participate in this proposed solutions that usually involve giving up their freedom,” Brand stated.  

“We’re continually being invited to give up our freedom in exchange for safety or convenience and it seems that this process is radically escalating. And I feel that this is something that we will see more of in the coming year. I feel like you’ve spoken publicly about this – that we’re potentially on the precipice of serious, and to use your term ‘a hot war with Russia.’ And that’s being reported on in my country right now – it’s like we’re being prepped, groomed, primed for ‘war is coming.’”

Ep. 70 Governments colluded to shut down and destroy Russell Brand. This is his first interview since that happened. Watch it when you get a minute. It’s one of the most brilliant explanations of the modern world you’ll ever hear.

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) January 30, 2024

Brand continued to state that while the public remains in a “constant” state of anxiety to comply, government organizations such as the World Health Organization, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and World Economic Forum were continuously “stoking” cultural tension. Brand claimed that even apparent independent organizations had some type of “deep state” tie if the money was followed, highlighting the new era of “totalitarianism.” (RELATED: ‘Advertisers Are The Censors’: Greg Gutfeld Explains How Tucker Carlson Survived After Firing)

“[So] we’re being kept in a state of constant anxiety in order to induce compliance. That the ongoing stoking of cultural tension is to ensure that people don’t begin to recognize that actually we have far more in common with one another than we do with these curious sets of the establishment interests that seems to be transcendent of national democracy. To be explicit, I’m talking about organizations like the WHO, NATO, the WEF and their astonishing influence,” Brand stated.

“These think tanks, and apparently independent organizations, who are not independent when you look at where they get their money – Big Pharma, or the government, or the military-industrial complex. Or the kind of people they employ – people from Deep State agencies, such as the FBI and CIA – that have extraordinary affinity with the legacy media and their ongoing agenda.”

“So what I suppose I’m sensing is that totalitarianism now will not bear the inflections or aesthetics of the 20th century militarism guys in medals with mustaches thumping their fists on a desk. We’ll be calmly told ‘what’ by gentlemen with beautifully crafted hair, or elegantly speaking ladies, but ‘just for our safety’ and ‘just for our convenience,’ we will be returning to our homes. And anyone that has an audience or a base or an ability to communicate with people to disrupt those types of narratives will be identified and destroyed,” Brand stated. 

Brand was previously censored on YouTube last year from earning money through advertisements following several allegations of sexual assault from women. With over 6.6 million subscribers on the platform, YouTube had claimed that the comedian broke their “creator responsibility policy.”

The social platform additionally censored one of Brand’s former videos allegedly due to “misinformation,” with Brand accusing YouTube of hypocrisy in their enforcement.


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