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The Beast Inside giveaway awaits, alongside incredible deals on horror and action-adventure games!

Our New Year Sale 2024 is not slowing down – we’re entering 2024 with a bang, not only offering incredible deals on various genres, but some explosive giveaways, as well! Let’s take a look, shall we?

One thing you wouldn’t want to miss is yet another amazing giveaway. Good start of the year, isn’t it? This time around you can claim your copy of The Beast Inside, a unique, gripping twist on thriller and survival horror. This game combines a captivating story-driven adventure with a tense survival horror experience. You’ll dive into a narrative filled with long-buried secrets, personal tragedies, and madness. Take on the roles of two protagonists living in different centuries, united by a dark heritage.

Get it now, for free! The giveaway ends on February 3rd, 3 PM UTC.

Staying on the subject of horror, though – we have some great horror and action-adventure offers, for those who like a little bit of a thrill. You can get some absolute classics now, for terrifyingly low prices, so take a look!

Outlast (-85%)

Responding to an anonymous tip, you’ll embody the independent journalist Miles Upshur and infiltrate a long-abandoned home for the mentally ill. What you’ll stumble upon blurs a chilling boundary between science and religion, the natural and the unknown. Once inside, your sole chance of getting out hinges on the horrifying truth concealed at the core of Mount Massive.

Alien: Isolation (-75%)

Feel the essence of fear in a survival horror experience with an atmosphere of unrelenting dread. Taking place fifteen years after the incidents of Alien™, Amanda, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, embarks on a harrowing struggle for survival. Her mission is to unveil the truth surrounding her mother’s mysterious disappearance.

Evil West (-60%)

Engage in intense and explosive combat, unleashing chaos with your firearms, electrifying gauntlet, and an array of gadgets. Dispatch bloodthirsty monstrosities with flair; navigate through a narrative-driven campaign, enhancing your weapons and hunting tools along the way. Unlock additional perks to refine your expertise in slaying monsters, allowing you to craft a personalized playstyle to conquer the supernatural hordes!

Blasphemous 2 (-33%)

The Penitent One reemerges in an unending battle against The Miracle. Plunge into a treacherous new realm brimming with secrets and hidden revelations, tearing through your enemies, as you strive to bring the relentless cycle to a conclusive end.

Check out these awesome titles, and all the other amazing action-adventure and horror games within our New Year Sale 2024. Enjoy!


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