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Broccoli-derived compound could help prevent and treat stroke (Sulforaphane triples clot busting success rate)

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Broccoli-derived compound could help prevent and treat stroke (Sulforaphane triples clot busting success rate)

Medical Xpress / Heart Research Institute / ACS Central Science ^

| March 5, 2024
| Ivy A. Guan et al

Posted on 03/10/2024 8:42:59 PM PDT by ConservativeMind

A three-year world-first study has found that a common cruciferous vegetable eaten by millions every day could prevent and treat one of the nation’s biggest killers.

In pre-clinical trials, the study confirmed a natural chemical found in broccoli can reduce the formation of harmful blood clots that can in some instances lead to stroke, as well as improve the performance of clot-busting drugs afterwards.

About 85% of strokes are caused by the formation of a harmful blood clot in the brain (also known as acute ischemic stroke).

“After a patient has an ischemic stroke, they are treated with tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), a type of clot busting medication to slow down the progression of damage to the brain. Unfortunately, it is only successful in 20% of cases,” Dr. Liu explained.

“What we found in a preclinical trial is that the tPA success rate increases to 60% when the medication is given with the broccoli-derived compound. Excitingly, this naturally occurring compound does not cause any signs of bleeding, which is a common side effect associated with blood-thinning agents tested in stroke treatment. This means we could see paramedics treating ischemic stroke patients with a broccoli-based medication as well as tPA on the way to hospital,” he said.

The initial testing also showed that once the broccoli-derived molecules were administered they were also able to slow down the onset of a stroke.

“Not only is the broccoli compound effective in improving the performance of clot-busting medication after a stroke, it could be used as a preventative agent for patients who are at a high risk of stroke,” said Dr. Liu.

(Excerpt)

TOPICS: Health/Medicine
KEYWORDS: broccoli; cruciferous; stroke; strokeprevention; stroketreatment; sulforaphane; vegetables

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This write up never tells you what the compound is, but the paper clearly states it is sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane is available as a supplement.

We occasionally use a form called Jarrow Formulas BroccoMax, which tries to make it natively in your gut.

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posted on 03/10/2024 8:43:32 PM PDT
by ConservativeMind
(Trump: Befuddling Democrats, Republicans, and the Media for the benefit of the US and all mankind.)

To: ConservativeMind

posted on 03/10/2024 8:44:23 PM PDT
by linMcHlp

To: ConservativeMind

I use no supplements. The treadmill I use daily drastically reduces heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, bad balance, high blood pressure, knee & hip joint pain, PAD, ETC

posted on 03/10/2024 8:50:52 PM PDT
by Bobbyvotes
(I will be voting for Trump/whoever in November. If he loses in 2024, country is finished.)

To: nutmeg

posted on 03/10/2024 8:55:54 PM PDT
by nutmeg

To: ConservativeMind; Diana in Wisconsin

C.M. Excellent information! Livestrong; foods-that-are-high-in-sulforaphane

Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Watercress. Bok Choy and Turnips are also mentioned. (Rutabagas not on the list but would as well.)

“When food is chewed or prepared, the enzyme myrosinase turns glucoraphanin (a type of glucosinolate) found in cruciferous vegetables into sulforaphane, per Oregon State University Linus Pauling Institute.”

Always good to be able to grow your own supply!

To: Bobbyvotes

Right about that treadmill. three yeas ago I was doing a 14-minute. mile on the treadmill 5 days a week. Gyms were locked down and I started breaking bones, spent 2 days in hospital with “heart failure” symptoms.

Just got OK to go back to the gym and my mile takes twice as long.

As for broccoli, I love it, will eat more.

posted on 03/10/2024 10:24:58 PM PDT
by Veto!
(FJB Sucks Rocks)

To: Veto!

Same here. Had a mild stroke 2 years ago. Started treadmill could only do it at a 2.5 speed ( out of 10) for 10 min and would be out of breath. Now am doing it at 6 for 30 minutes 6 days a week and the only reason I get off is my left knee acts up ( that is from an old injury ). Not out of breath at all. Just had my bloods back and they were perfect.

posted on 03/11/2024 2:14:20 AM PDT
by TheCipher
( RINO politicians in DC are the only reptiles in the world with no backbone)

To: ConservativeMind

My sister-in-law is on warfarin and (IIRC) she can’t eat broccoli — or any of the green vegetables. I suppose there’s a connection here and when my coffee kicks in maybe I’ll figure it out.

posted on 03/11/2024 3:15:36 AM PDT
by MayflowerMadam
(Fraud vitiates everything.” – SCOTUS)

To: MayflowerMadam

She might want to ask her cardiologist to try one of the many other anti-coagulant therapies available. I’m on two, and neither is Warfarin.

posted on 03/11/2024 4:22:47 AM PDT
by jagusafr
( )

To: ConservativeMind

Sulforaphane is also a precursor to glutathione, which is an antioxidant that helps fight off COVID-19.

NAC is better for glutathione deficiency because of it bioavailability, but sulforaphane is good to take.

I also have a supply of BroccoMax.


posted on 03/11/2024 4:29:24 AM PDT
by Political Junkie Too
( * LAAP = Left-wing Activist Agitprop Press (formerly known as the MSM))

To: jagusafr

“She might want to ask her cardiologist to try one of the many other anti-coagulant therapies available.”

She’d like to be on Eliquis, but there’s no way they could afford that. Yesterday I paid over $800 for three months. That took care of my yearly deductible, so for the rest of the year it’ll ONLY be around $300 for three months.

As I told the clerk at the pharmacy:
Pfizer makes vaccines that cause blood clots.
Pfizer makes Eliquis that treats blood clots.

She was gobsmacked, like she’d never considered that.
I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

posted on 03/11/2024 4:35:17 AM PDT
by MayflowerMadam
(Fraud vitiates everything.” – SCOTUS)

To: MayflowerMadam

Doc just put me on Eliquis. I’m fortunate in being retired military – I get free from the base pharmacy. Well, not free: it cost me 30 years.

posted on 03/11/2024 4:48:50 AM PDT
by jagusafr
( )

To: Political Junkie Too

Sulforaphane Is one of the few compounds that has shown any success in treating autism.

To: MayflowerMadam

Same with my mother – on warfarin and died of a stroke.
She was told to stay away from broccoli and most green vegetables. This is conflicting info that my early morning brain can’t process.

They wanted to put hubby on a blood thinner and we declined.

posted on 03/11/2024 5:10:07 AM PDT
by GrannyAnn
( )

To: packagingguy

I started reasearch this a few days ago. seems to help with autism and inflammation issues. I am going to grow my own sprouts. There is definitely a food poisoning issue so you have to be careful

The supplements require about six a day to get anywhere close to the sprouts. there is a window of time when to eat to get best results. Around day 3.

One of the universities tried to get some kind of patent but was not successful. I think Hopkins.

posted on 03/11/2024 5:16:30 AM PDT
by RummyChick

To: MayflowerMadam

I would encourage her to take a different type of blood thinner.

Not getting any Vitamin K is crazy.

Doctors can compensate for the extra Vitamin K with warfarin, but she would need to eat a similar amount every day.

posted on 03/11/2024 5:51:37 AM PDT
by ConservativeMind
(Trump: Befuddling Democrats, Republicans, and the Media for the benefit of the US and all mankind.)

To: Pete from Shawnee Mission; ConservativeMind

My ‘Prism’ Kale overwintered and is sprouting up again from the base. I’ll be able to have a REALLY early crop this season before it wants to go to flower. And then I’ll let it do so for the early pollinators.

Supposedly, I have to cut back on Spinach as something in that may contribute to another kidney stone for me (Ouch!) but I can make up the difference in Kale. 😉

posted on 03/11/2024 7:25:49 AM PDT
by Diana in Wisconsin
(I don’t have, ‘Hobbies.’ I’m developing a robust Post-Apocalyptic skill set. )

To: ConservativeMind

I can do broccoli…but thank goodness it wasn’t kale.

posted on 03/11/2024 8:13:17 AM PDT
by moovova
(“The NEXT election is the most important election of our lifetimes!“ LOL…)

To: MayflowerMadam

I am in my 81st year of life, and have Afib with weird bp issues. My visit to the cardiologist “electrophysiologist” type never read my medical record, or asked about my history…

Just immediately wanted to put me on Eliquis and something called Amiodarone .

When I butted in to his big lecturing and demands that I do exactly as he said, or else! ~ I mentioned my Hashimotos, Sjorgrens, and other autoimmune symptoms.

He immediately said he would have to put me in the hospital for a couple of days to see if I could tolerate the amiodarone. Since my Afib is the “paroxysmal” version, I kinda thought that was overkill. I have declined his services.

Have her check the side effects of Eliquis before deciding to go that route.

Personally, I dont want to risk the debilitating side effects some experience on Eliquis that would interfere with my desire to remain in independent senior living. I cant afford “assisted living”, and dont want to impoverish my children paying for it.

When you have reached my age, there comes a point where the treatments, drugs, andside effects are worse than the illness. But, everyone has to make their own decisions about health problems. I just wish I could find a doc who wasn’t constrained by the present medical controls over their ability to practice medicine.

I eat primarily a “proper human diet” as described by Dr. Ken Berry and others, and these control my autoimmune issues without the need for any medication other than generic Plavix (clopidogrel) and Levothyoxin. The rest is in God’s hands, but I am going to explore the broccoli idea…

posted on 03/11/2024 11:28:30 AM PDT
by jacquej
(“You cannot have a conservative government with a liberal culture.” (Mark Steyn))

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