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Real Health Podcast: How to eat (and still lose weight) with bariatric surgeon Dr Andrew Jenkinson

Real Health: The science backed guide to nutrition and health with Dr Andrew Jenkinson

How do we maintain weight loss? How effective is Ozempic? And what is our body’s natural weight set-point?

On the Real Health podcast this week, I chat to author and bariatric surgeon, Dr Andrew Jenkinson, on his new book, ‘How to eat (and still lose weight): a science-backed guide to nutrition and health.

Dr Jenkinson began by explaining what the natural weight set-point is: “the weight set-point is your individual weight setting or almost like a weight anchor, it is the weight that your body wants to be. And it’s dependent on your genes. So some people are just from slim families, and they can’t put weight on even if they try. Some people, you know, really can put weight on very, very easily.”

He also pointed out the pivotal role of Leptin in weight regulation, “So, if you understand leptin, you understand weight control. So, it comes from your fat cells. The fatter you are, the higher the signal of leptin in your bloodstream. And your brain can read that signal, and it can tell how fat you are. So how much, basically, fuel reserve you have and what level of fullness your petrol tank is at,” he said.

You can listen to the full episode here or wherever you get your podcasts.


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