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‘I Still Knock Motherf—kers Out’

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has never been the type of fighter to lay down for anyone, especially pesky haters online who are bashing the former UFC champion for his recent boxing training.

Jackson, who turns 46 this June, is scheduled to make his return to combat sports this summer in a boxing grudge match against Shannon Briggs. The two have been angling for a fight for quite some time and are expected to meet in an eight-round boxing match on June 1 in Qatar. It will be Jackson’s official debut inside of the boxing ring.

As expected, Rampage has already begun his training camp for the Briggs fight. This is a new opportunity for the mixed martial arts (MMA) legend so he may be a little rough around the edges. Fight fans certainly thought so as they absolutely ripped Jackson for his work on the heavy bag. Jackson may have looked slow, but he had good reason for a subpar training session and held nothing back when telling fans to go scratch.

| Rampage Jackson GOES OFF on critics dissing his heavy bag work for his upcoming boxing match against Shannon Briggs on June 1 in Quatar.

“I been noticing a lot of fake ass, wannabe fighting ass mfer’s talking shit about my boxing training videos.”

“First of all, I just…

— Parry Punch (@ParryPunchNews) March 29, 2024

“I been noticing a lot of fake ass, wannabe fighting ass motherf—kers talking shit about my boxing training videos.”

“First of all, I just had stem cell surgery, and I’m a little stiff- and I wasn’t supposed to be training for a couple weeks.”

“It ain’t about that bullsh-t. The bullsh-t is that I’m an MMA fighter, not a boxer. So I’m out of my comfort zone, and a bunch of y’all weak ass internet motherf—kers want to talk sh-t. Y’all don’t know f—king shit. I guarantee you this, Shannon Briggs, you too- you a bitch ass motherf—ker, and you know it.”

“And none of you motherf—kers want to get in the ring with me. Y’all won’t get in the cage with me. So why y’all wanna talk sh-t? Wanna talk about how I’m training. Like I’m a motherf—king former champion.”

“And motherf—kers talking bout, ‘Oh he ain’t fast.’ I ain’t never been fast. But I still knock motherf—kers out.”

“But at the end of the day, ain’t none of you motherf—kers gonna get in that ring or cage with me, and y’all know it. So y’all can kiss my motherf—king ass. Shut the f—k up. Get off my motherf—king page if you ain’t with me.”

Rampage will have two full months to prepare for Briggs — who is 60–6–1 in his professional boxing career — but is that enough time for the former UFC champion? Is Jackson so past his prime that he won’t be able to learn new tricks for a trip to the ring?

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