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Melbourne calling: Decoding how a trip to the Melbourne Museum will be a highlight of your vacation

The sense of wonder and curiosity often gets lost in the rigmarole of the ‘to-go’ life. Vacations on the back-burner and board-room conversations dominate a chunk of ‘hustle life’. But if you have been yearning for some quiet, and a vacation that will enable you to experience history, stories and heritage, then a trip to Melbourne can add to your pool of experiences and memories. It’s time to inspire yourself to engage in life’s deep mysteries and big questions.

For a culture fix, look no further than the Melbourne Museum. It is an ode to Australia’s rich cultural traditions. It will help you unearth narratives about people who contributed to what Melbourne is today. The museum is also known as the ‘Home of Dinosaurs’, satiating the need for some adventure.

Get a glimpse into those pre-historic times. The awe-inspiring Dinosaur Walk will educate you and give you an experience of these majestic creatures that walked Earth’s terrain.

Dinosaur Walk examines the skeletons of ten prehistoric animals, including nine dinosaurs, one mammal-like reptile, and Australian megafauna. Animated reconstructions demonstrate how these animals lived, fought, reproduced and died millions of years ago.

In the exhibition, ‘Triceratops: Fate of the Dinosaurs’, you will also meet Horridus, the most complete Triceratops in the world. It is an immersive voyage into a world where visitors will explore the Cretaceous landscapes and get to know the creatures that thrived there.

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Another new upcoming attraction is Victoria the T. rex. It is an interactive exhibition starring the real fossil skeleton of a 66-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus named Victoria. The exhibition opens on 28 June and runs until 20 October.

Next stop: Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre
Through the voices and languages of the Koorie community, First Peoples narrates the tale of Aboriginal Victoria from the time of creation to today. This major exhibition celebrates the world’s oldest living civilisation through the history, culture, achievements and survival of Victoria’s Aboriginal people. Meet members of the community aged 8 to 72, and hear them speak about their identity, community and culture in the Deep Listening Space. Enter the nest of Bunjil, the wedge-tailed eagle and ancestral spirit, and hear how he sang the Country, Law and people of the Kulin nation into being. Plus, hear the 38 distinct languages of Victoria — part of the 250 indigenous languages that connect First Peoples to the country around Australia.

After a rich cultural dose, check out the Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery, a space for little tots to play and learn

The Children’s Gallery is a fascinating place for babies to 5-year-olds to explore. Budding palaeontologists excavate fossils in the dinosaur dig; aspiring botanists traverse the discovery garden, exploring plants and stories; young curators gaze at specially selected museum objects, and for everyone who can’t get enough of dancing, there is a ‘camouflage disco’ where children will turn into spotty disco dancing animals.

Phar Lap and Melbourne Story – Where the present meets the past
An Australian icon more than 80 years after he first went on display, Phar Lap remains a popular exhibit. The Melbourne Story gallery allows visitors to explore what shaped this city, its early residents and their lives. The Melbourne Story is packed with icons of the city’s past and present. There are tales of heroes and scoundrels, growth and decline, and the changing ways of how Melburnians live, work and play.

Research Institute Gallery: Science and discovery on show
Encounter cutting-edge research, fresh discoveries and valuable collection objects on display for the first time. It is human nature to pose questions like what do the depths of the sea hold or how one can gauge the health of a river system. For more than 165 years, Museums Victoria researchers have been inquiring, collecting and collaborating to understand the changing world. The Museums Victoria Research Institute’s diverse expertise in biodiversity, geology, history, technology and First Peoples’ knowledge and culture is more vital than ever and the exploration of such knowledge can lead to poignant insights into the living experience.

Unmissable views at the Royal Exhibition Building Dome Promenade Experience

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The Royal Exhibition Building has long been one of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings. Now it has opened its doors to visitors to experience unique views unseen for 100 years. This picturesque building was built for the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition.

As a key attraction of the 1880 and 1888 international exhibitions, the Dome Promenade provided visitors with a unique opportunity to overlook the gardens and view the Melbourne skyline. This guided tour allows visitors to once again experience these spectacular views along with an exhibition that explores the building’s significant history and varied uses over time.

Melbourne is a hub for the trendy and delish. It offers abundant opportunities to experience its rich cultural heritage while soaking in this cosmopolitan city’s new-age delights. So, if you have been planning a vacation, check out how Melbourne can fulfil your pangs.

If excursions that enrich you with fascinating cultural perspectives have been on your mind, explore how the Melbourne Museum can make your trip memorable.

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