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She Told Her Brother The Truth About Why He Never Gets A Second Date. Her Parents Think She Could Have Been Nicer About It.

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Sibling relationships are great, because they’re often more than happy to be the one to tell you the truth you need to hear – even if you don’t want to hear it.

And honestly, who does in those situations?

This young lady claims her brother is spoiled because of a childhood illness.

My (32F) brother Carl (27M) was spoiled for 8 years because he almost passed.

The short version: he was very sick and spent months at a time in the hospital as a kid, and both my parents and extended family gave him everything he wanted because he wasn’t expected to live past 9 years old.

Medical science did save his life, but it took a couple of years for everyone to stop spoiling him.

My father admitted it was just habit, but once he realized the negative impact it had on me and the entitlement of Carl, things changed immediately.

My mother is to this day the only holdout.

He’s still being coddled to this day, honestly.

Obviously, Carl hated that he was being told no for anything. Everyone expected him to adjust over time, but he never did.

He even told a therapist that he’d never cooperate because he was right and everyone else is wrong.

Carl is extremely intelligent, but he’s lazy and arrogant. He had to repeat senior year of high school because he refused to do any work.

He refused to go to community college because he believed that he knew more than the professors.

He refused to get a job until he was 24 because he felt that all jobs short of CEO were beneath him.

Whenever my dad tried to do something about this attitude (like taking away MY DAD’S credit card so Carl could no longer just buy takeout every day), my mother immediately undermined my dad.

Carl doesn’t cook or clean, he doesn’t pay rent, and over the last 5 years he’s started viewing women as subservient to men.

It’s caused massive damage to his relationship with my dad.

So, when he complained about his dating life, she asked some questions.

Carl still lives with my dad, and when I visit we occasionally talk.

Last time I visited, Carl complained that every girl he’s taken out has ghosted him.

I asked for information on the dates (where they went, what they talked about, etc) and he mentioned they get weird as soon as he says his life plan is to inherit my dad’s house and have his wife be a SAHW while he works.

I told him that might be because he’s 27 and making minimum wage, his plan is to never actually be an adult.

My dad also told him that if he passed, I’d inherit the house because I know how to pay bills. I said I’d have to charge Carl rent if he stayed or I’d have to move in.

She blew up when he made some misogynistic comments and let him have it.

Carl said that ruined his “life plan” because he was supposed to get everything since I’m getting married and my husband should control me.

I snapped.

I told him the reason he’s getting ghosted is because he’s pathetic, a walking red flag, and no woman disrespects themselves enough to be with a loser like him.

He started screaming that I’m an AH.

Both of her parents think she should have been nicer about it.

My dad understands that what I said is true, but that I should have been less blunt.

My mother keeps calling to demand I apologize for insulting Carl.

I do want him to change and grow, so I feel I was wrong in calling him a loser and pathetic (I stand by the red flag part FIRMLY).


Does Reddit?

The top comment says that someone should have been honest with the brother a long time ago.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person says their mom made him into a monster.

Source: Reddit/AITA

She doesn’t owe anyone an apology.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Everyone agrees her brother is exhibiting some pretty scary behaviors.

Source: Reddit/AITA

No one thinks her brother is likely to get a girlfriend any time soon.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This guy is circling the drain.

Nothing good is going to happen if they let him slip further down.

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