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Welcome to the PRAYER REQUESTS thread. This daily thread is a listing of prayer requests that have been posted by Freepers to the main forum who wish to have continued prayer. Hopefully this thread will remind us to continually pray for our fellow Freepers’ cares and needs. GOD hears and answers our prayers.

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posted on 06/16/2024 5:32:51 PM PDT
by stars & stripes forever
(Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD. (Psalm 33:12))

To: 2nd Amendment; 4Godsoloved..Hegave; 1217Chic; af_vet_1981; A virtuous woman; albie; alicewonders; ..

Free Republic PRAYER REQUESTS Thread PING!

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posted on 06/16/2024 5:34:02 PM PDT
by stars & stripes forever
(Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD. (Psalm 33:12))


AMERICA Prayer Vigil (May 7, 2024) by ViLaLuz

Abba Father, please bless Jim Robinson, his son Chris, and all their family. We give You thanks for Jim’s health and healing—all glory is Yours. We are grateful for Jim’s website here, and are blessed we are free to pray here. We ask for a successful fundraising campaign so that many Freepers see all the prayers and Good News posted and come to know You in this time of the end. We know Your wish is for every Freeper on this site, and their families, come to Jesus Christ for Salvation. Amen!

To pray for Jim, Chris, or Jim Rob:
Freepmail: Jim Robinson or Jim Rob

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URGENT! Prayer needed!
From pollywog | 06/16/2024

I am in serious need for some interceding right now for a unspoken family crisis.

Thank you. Looking to Jesus

To pray for Pollywog’s Unspoken Family Crisis:
Freepmail: Pollywog

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Posted on 6/8/2024, by Chicory

CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR BABY N. I would like to request prayers for N, who suffered a serious stroke shortly after she was born two weeks ago. The doctors say she will end up with damage to her brain. Please pray for her recovery and for strength for her parents. To pray for Baby N and her parents:
Freepmail: Chicory

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PRAISE REPORT. Hallelujah!!!
6/7/2024 by Ms.Behavin

Thank you for your prayers!
Today’s visit was a success!
Thus is the best I have felt in the 8 months it took me to get in there!


Ms.Behavin will be having a procedure to alleviate back pain this Friday (June 7)

In her words, “What they do is put a VERY (gulp) large needle in between the discs in my back and inject stuff in there to get it calmed down.

On the next visit, they will burn the nerve to kill it and stop it from sending pain signals to the brain. Over all, it will take 3 visits, but they are out-patient visits.”

It has been HORRIBLE, and seems to get worse every day.

To pray for Ms.Behavin:

Freepmail: MsBehavin + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Posted on 5/7/2024 by SaveFerris

UPDATE on 80+ years pastor friend
6/8/2024 by SaveFerris

My 83-year-old pastor friend who is still quite active, may have suffered a stroke. I spoke with him last night. I am to call him Monday to check up on him (his request). Please be in prayer for him. He is a great asset. ORIGINAL REQUEST:

1) Friend with leukemia has stopped his chemotherapy – Lord willing, I’ll try to stop by this Friday on my way to another destination – he said he feels better without the chemotherapy as it was really wearing him down

2) 90+ years pastor – going strong – teaching to Christ for the Nations in 8-9 countries via Zoom – and still preaching – and attending conferences – and participating in board meetings – asked to have lunch with him this week, he has NO free time!

3) 80+ years pastor friend – going strong – ministers all over the place – always on the phone – always running somewhere – he and his wife still need a little prayer

Thanks for the all those prayers for my friends and for me as well – and prayers up for all who need it even if not written down – God bless you all

To pray for SaveFerris’ friends:
Prayer Request – mostly for others
Posted on 4/16/2024 by SaveFerris

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5/11/24 by CottonBall


UPDATE! 5/3/2023 by CottonBall “Thanks all for thinking of me. I’m not doing as well as I had hoped I would. Could be be worse though, and I’m thankful I’m here where I have help. I go back to doctor for my 2-week checkup next Monday, then will go back to San Angelo. I hope I can make it there as I’m staying in a hotel alone until I’m well enough to move to Wisconsin. It’s a nice room and is set up for disabled. A lot of my problem is my shoulder, not really related to my surgery. I had been going to physical therapy and my rotary cuff had gotten so much better. But now bad sleeping positions and simple movement can just set off bad pain. And my blood pressure can drop dangerously low sometimes and I have to be cautious taking pain meds because of it. Hope everyone is doing ok, love you all!” To Pray for Rusty0604:
Prayers For Rusty0604
Posted on 4/2/2024 by CottonBall

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

3/21/2024 by SaveFerris

UPDATE: 6/8/024 A couple of folks close to me get a little kooky this year. I’m frankly avoiding contact with both of them at this point. There seems to be something in the air. Uncharacteristic behavior. More than a bit unnerving. So I’m going to ask for prayers for myself. Thanks. God bless you all. Posted on 6/8/2024, 1:33:24 AM by SaveFerris ORIGINAL REQUEST Prayers up for everyone needing same.

I am getting some debt problems solved, which is good. 5-6 solved this week. Still, lots of battles. The enemy is very good at attacking. He has thousands of years of experience. 🙁

All ongoing prayers appreciated. Still trying to get some small portion of the Word of God out to the world before things get even more interesting for the people on Earth.

Other prayer needs – well, the Lord already knows the needs before I ask. So I’ll simply ask for prayers there, too.

God bless you all.

To Pray for SaveFerris:

Prayer Request (VANITY)
Posted on 2/22/2024, 7:05:59 AM SaveFerris

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From navymom1 | 05/23/2024 Prayer is appreciated for family illness.


To pray concerning illness in Navymom1’s family:
Freepmail: Navymom1 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

<#DF0101>PRAYER REQUEST FOR ME (Long Covid, Insomnia, Retirement)
Posted on 5/17/2024 by ducttape45


Good evening Freepers.

I wanted to share a few prayer requests with you. I don’t normally post things like this for me as I try to keep some aspects of my life close to the chest, but I wanted to share these as they continue to be things that I am dealing with, some of them for quite some time.

First off, Long Covid. As many of you know, I retired from my job in Apr 23 because of Long Covid. I was infected with Covid 19 in February 2022, but in Nov 22 I developed Long Covid. I initially recovered from Covid and was on my way to what I thought was a full recovery when Long Covid hit me, and hard. Nov 2022 to Apr 2023 were very difficult months, and Long Covid has stayed with me since then, and although it’s not quite as bad as it was, I’m still disabled. What I got hit with was a combination of chronic fatigue, extreme nausea, insomnia and dizziness/confusion. While the fatigue and nausea are not as bad, I still suffer with all of those symptoms. It’s only by pacing myself, resting and eating very bland foods that I am able to get by. And that leads me to my next request.

Second, Insomnia. That aspect of my condition has been extremely rough. From Nov 22 to Apr 23 I was taking a fist full of drugs in order to sleep. I did not put in a full day’s work that entire timeframe because of the Long Covid, and not being to get a good night’s rest made things worse. Even though I was taking those drugs my days were still hard to get through. It’s a good thing I had over 400 hours of sick leave. It came in very handy.

When I finally retired I tried to get myself off those drugs but it proved very difficult. I was basically addicted to them by that point and trying to go “cold turkey” was not a good idea. It wasn’t until late December that I finally hit upon a game plan to get rid of the sleep meds but it’s taking this long to play out.

With the assistance of a VA counselor helping me with my insomnia, I was able to reduce my intake over the months until, just this week, I finally stopped taking the sleep drug, Temazepam/Restoril, altogether. When I started taking that medication, I was taking 30 MG capsules. I was able to reduce that to 22.5 MG by Nov/Dec 23, then to 15 MG in Jan 24, then 7.5 MG since March. Just a couple of days ago I stopped taking it altogether. But it wasn’t without assistance from the VA counselor helping me modifying my sleep patterns that I was able to do so. He’s also had me keep a diary to chronicle the entire process. HOWEVER, I now have to give my body time to adjust and hopefully get my sleeping pattern on track again. With each reduction in medication it normally takes about two months to re-regulate my sleep.

Third, Retirement. Since I retired I’ve been trying to get various aspects of my retirement in order, but there have been bumps along the way.

  • OPM had to adjust my retirement because they didn’t calculate it correctly when retired in Apr 23. It took about two months but it finally got fixed. However, I was short changed in that my retirement pay is $200 less than I was quoted before I retired. The GRB website the government uses was not accurate in how it calculated my retirement. I come to find out that I did not have 30 years of total government service, but instead had 26 years and 8 months. They neglected to tell me that almost 4 years of temporary employment didn’t count towards my time. GRRRRRRRR.
  • Social Security and VA disabilities were applied for.
  • SS denied my in February of this year, after a wait of over 6 months, and I hired a SS disability lawyer to appeal my case. It’s ongoing.

  • The VA is another matter entirely, and honestly, I am extremely angry at the VA because they continue to deny appeals to get my disability claims approved. For instance, even though they now admit that military service caused hearing loss and tinnitus, they won’t overturn their previous denial from 2006. The lawyers I hired to file the appeals have received three denials since summer last year. So in addition to being denied in 2006 and 2011, that’s now five total denials on that one condition alone. And there are others.
  • The lawyers are trying to figure out what to do next, but I know what I want to do, and that is fire off a letter to the VA expressing my anger. The department in the VA that deals with disability claims no longer works for the veteran. They actively work against them, and I really want to express my outrage to them.

  • Retirement location. I really need to move from where I am. The housing I’m in is old military housing and is not in good shape. I would like to move to better housing but of course housing, whether one rents or owns, is priced through the roof. If either, or both, of the disability claims get approved I’ll bring in more funds, but I could be waiting for several months, if not a few years, for that to happen. I am on a waiting list for senior apartments in West Lafayette, IN. That location would be ideal because I would be real close to my daughter, but the waiting list is extremely long and it could be years before there is an open unit. I’ve been trying to locate other places to move to but it’s difficult to get out since Long Covid reduces my endurance, and Google Maps doesn’t do a good job in keeping its database updated.

Whew, that took longer than I anticipated to type out. I know that is a lot to take in, but those are the areas I really need prayer for. I appreciate the time you took to read all that. Thank you and God bless you all.

To pray for ducttape45:
Prayer Request for Me (Long Covid, Insomnia, Retirement)
Posted on 4/16/2024 by ducttape45

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<#DF0101>PRAYER NEEDED (Pollywog’s Adopted Daughter)
From pollywog | 05/16/2024


I don’t even know how to condense this…… but my adopted daughter Saudia, is 33years old.

Born premature, due to drug addicted mom. Weighed under 2 lbs…suffered a brain hemmorage causing mild Cerebral palsy and learning disabilites.

We took her at age 6 months and raised her as a foster daughter. Finally at age 16 adopted her. She has always and still does live with me. She is a precious Christian girl but does have some mental delays.

Saudia works a part time job with a job coordinator overseeing her… washing dishes in a small restaurant.

She has been receiving disability from my husband… SSDA each month. We received a letter today that she may be losing this disability. We are both DEVASTATED !! We have 10 days in which to appeal.

We have contacted her Regional Worker, and will try and go to Social Security tomorrow and find out what we can do at this point, but honestly the stress of the letter has me irrupted in tears and loads of anxiety.

I should be trusting God but I am scared to death as I am 82 , and she is 33 and needs support.

  • Pray, first of all that I will be able to TRUST GOD THROUGH THIS TIME…
  • Second that I will know what to do.. ( I don’t know where to start at this point), and
  • Third that God will have mercy on my dear Saudia and grant understand from Social Security.

Thank you so much for your prayer support.

To pray for Pollywog’s Adopted Daughter Saudia:
Freepmail: Pollywog

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Posted on 5/17/2024 by GailA

Add my DIL Amber to the prayer list please, She is 3 weeks from her 2nd daughter’s due date, this will be the 2nd C-Section. OB wants to take Scarlet in 3 days, she is not due till June 1. Savannah her 1st was a rough labor. She has had hormone issues the whole pregnancy. She had to take the C jabs for nursing school.

To pray for GailA’s DIL Amber & Baby Scarlet:
Freepmail: GailA

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Posted on 5/17/2024 by metmom


My son just got a job offer today. He starts before the end of the month.

Also, I have tried a few foods in very small amounts and have had no trouble with them. I plan to gradually increase the amount to build up a tolerance and try adding a few more new ones.

It’s a roller coaster ride in this journey. Wish it was linear and easy, but no, I have good days and bad days in how my body reacts. But overall, an improvement, praise God. I still want to reach the point of eating or not eating something because I COOSE to, not because I can’t.

Thanks so very much for the prayers.

To Pray for Metmom and Family
Prayer for Metmom and Family
Posted on 3/13/2024, by metmom

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Posted on 4/29/2024 by Patriot777

Beloved FRiends, unspoken prayer request. Thank you so very very much.

To Pray for Patriot777’s Unspoken Request:
Unspoken Prayer Request

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Posted on 4/25/2024 by NEMDF
Please pray for a young couple I know, who is going through some tough times of late…

possible addictive issues, impending relocation, financial setbacks, a toddler.

Pray that they make good choices and are able to keep their little family together and achieve long-term stability and happiness. Thank you very much.

To Pray for this Young Couple:
Freepmail: NEMDF

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PRAISE REPORT: 4/25/2024 by Nevernikki

It was successful! 101-year old Marcia has a little pain where they had to go in and change the battery in her pacemaker, She is doing well and eating! Thanks for all you do!!

To pray for Nevernikki’s friend
Freepmail: Nevernikki
Posted on 4/23/2024 by Nevernikki

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UPDATE: 4/23/2024 by jmaroneps37


Thank you for doing this. I can report that Allie is still rehabbing and her parents Dalainia and Mike are very grateful for your prayers. Please keep them coming.

To Pray for Allie:
Prayer Still Needed for Allie
Posted on 1/20/2024 by jmaroneps37

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Posted on 5/17/2024 by ducttape45

UPDATE 5/17/2024
I got an update on my mother. She is being moved to the memory care unit of the nursing home she’s in tomorrow. My sister said she’ll get better care once she’s moved. Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you.

To pray for Ducttape45’s mother:
Pray for My Mother

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UPDATE: 3/16/2024 by GailA

My niece has Gastroparesis, it’s a slow digestive disorder, I went through the same thing years ago. It is totally diet-controlled. The 1 med is useless. Supplements, eat simple, no hulls, peels, or seeds.

I’ve already told her what to do, she just has to be patient and start slow. Doctors sent her home on a liquid diet. Down to 95 lbs. I hit 108.

The coatings on fruits are making people sick. And you can’t wash them off, Gates crap. Apeel or Peelz. Handle with surgery gloves.

Thank you.

To Pray for GailA’s Niece:
Freepmail: GailA
Prayer for Niece from GailA 03/16/2024

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UPDATE: 4/15/2024 by Faith65

Moms surgery went well late this afternoon. She got out of recovery and is resting in her room.

They did a spinal/local instead of general anesthesia due to both age and history of problems getting her to come out of it.

My sister said she looks so much better. I talked with Mom for just a minute tonight and she sounds better too.

Thank you all so much for the prayers!

To Pray for Faith65’s Mom:
Prayer request for My Injured Mom
Posted on 4:14;2024 by Faith65

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UPDATE 4/21/2024 by guitarJosh

“Please pray for more clients for my business.”

To Pray for guitarJosh:
Prayer Request for My Business
Posted on 4/11/2024 by guitarJosh

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I’m waiting for a call from my surgeon to schedule a Whipple procedure at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City. Adenocarcinoma of the ampulla of Vatera

To Pray for Myrddin
Freepmail to Myrddin
Freepmailed on 04/21/2024 by Myrddin

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UPDATE: 3/26/2024 by Momaw Naden

Update: My mom made it through the lumpectomy surgery successfully and has been released from the hospital. The tumor was removed and also some nearby lymph nodes were taken out as a precaution.

My mom is now at home with my dad, my sister, my brother, and me. She is in good spirits and looks good.

We are awaiting the pathology results. Four rounds of chemo should begin in a few weeks. When that is completed, radiation therapy should finish the treatment process which is expected to last about six months in its entirety. Hopefully, everything will continue to go well.

Thank you very much to everyone for your prayers and compassion!

Praise be to God!

To Pray for Momaw Nadon’s Mother:
Prayer Request for My Mother
Posted on 3/24/2024 by Momaw Nadon

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3/31/2024 by iontheball


Prayers for Lora during her treatment:

Thank you and all the others who have offered their blessed prayers. Yes, Lora is now in the thick of it, having undergone 10 radiation treatments of a total of 28. She’s a tough former Navy helicopter pilot so with God’s blessing and everyone’s prayers she will weather the storm.

Today, on Easter Sunday, God’s message to all who believe is that no matter the illness, no matter the pain. no, not even death, can keep us from His saving grace. He is the rock we cling to in times of strife. Have a blessed and a Happy Easter.

To pray for Lora
Prayer Request Update – LORA
Posted on 3/17/2024 by iontheball

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Posted by Patriot777’s wife

UPDATE 1: 3/15/2024

Beloved FRiends, my dear husband is having a rectal bleeding event again. I am awaiting his gastroenterologist’s callback as to go ahead and bring him to hospital to be evaluated. It is best that his doctor send word to the ED to expect him, it will keep them from setting him aside in the waiting area instead of taking him straight back into triage / bed. He is at the moment exhaustedly sleeping and I am keeping a close eye on him.

Asking that The Lord Jesus Heal my husband of this malady that I think is now peptic in nature (rectal having been dealt with and cleared). Emotionally he’s been through a lot.

UPDATE 2: 3/15/2024

Good early evening to you Beloved, Dear Lord Jesus please Bless and Heal in return all who have lifted my dear husband John up in prayer for his healing from this thing that keeps attacking him. IN JESUS NAME, IT WILL STOP!

Tomorrow AM he is scheduled for bloodwork, and his doctor will determine what to do from results of that. He is up and about, good spirits. He will not have to fast for the tests, a good help.

O thank you so very very much again, my Dear Beloved FRiends in Christ Jesus!

To Pray for Patriot777:
Thank you Beloved for all of your prayers! Update also on things going on (Patriot777)
Posted on 4/15/2024 by Patriot777

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


UPDATE: 4/21/2024 by pollywog

Thank you, THANK YOU all for the precious support I feel here on FR. As I posted several days ago , I have been emotionally and physically at a low.

After reading and yes, weeping as I read your precious notes of encouragement, I feel so loved and cared for here.

I am of course anxious to know what is going on physically, and I am trusting GOD with renewed strength as we jointly LOOK TO HIM for our beloved USA.

To Pray for Pollywog Prayer for Polly
Posted on 3/13/2024, 5:55:36 PM by pollywog

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posted on 06/16/2024 5:36:36 PM PDT
by stars & stripes forever
(Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD. (Psalm 33:12))

posted on 06/16/2024 5:38:05 PM PDT
by stars & stripes forever
(Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD. (Psalm 33:12))

Thank you for keeping the Prayer Requests organized!

I wanted to update:

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Baby N, who suffered a serious stroke shortly after birth. She has improved enough to go home, but the doctors say that she has suffered damage to her brain which may cause ongoing problems.

Continuing to stand on GOD’S Promises for Baby N. ALL THINGS are possible through CHRIST…

The LORD will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O LORD, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands. (Psalm 138:8)

posted on 06/17/2024 10:36:22 AM PDT
by stars & stripes forever
(Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD. (Psalm 33:12))

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