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Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s Divorce Sounds Pretty Gross



According to Firerose, Billy Ray Cyrus reportedly served her with divorce papers the day before a double mastectomy surgery that he was not thrilled about. He’s seeking an annulment on the grounds of “fraud,” which does sound like the kind of thing a man-baby narcissist like Cyrus would claim in this situation. “Sure, she might die of cancer, but I was promised boobs.” Granted, this is her side of the story, but it does track if you’ve ever met a dude before. Even just one. We’re not great! (People)

Anne Hathaway gives the gays what they came for on TikTok. (Lainey Gossip)

Ellen, you have a Netflix special later this year. There’s nothing to come back from. You’re fine. (Celebitchy)

Robyn does not think Marsha Blackburn has read The Stepford Wives. (Wonkette)

From Roxana: For people to argue over: Which Star Wars smuggler is the hottest? (Vulture)

Celebs are circling the wagon around Justin Timberlake. (Page Six)

If rich people still want to dive down to the Titanic after the OceanGate implosion, let them. That’s natural selection, baby. (Daily Beast)

McDonald’s drive-thru AI is McCanceled. (Kotaku)

On a related note, Elon Musk thinks there’s a “10-20%” chance of an AI-related global catastrophe, which is funny because I can throw out random percentages. Case in point: Mike Redmond thinks there’s an 857% chance of a Twitter-related disaster because its owner freebases Nazi content and anime porn all day. Please alert the White House. (Deadline)

Kayleigh appeared on the Imaginary Worlds podcast to discuss the rise of romantasy fiction. (Imaginary Worlds)

If Marvel isn’t going to make use of a perfectly great Tatiana Maslany, Amazon sure as heck will. (Variety)

Diddy has returned the Key to New York City after Mayor Eric Adams demanded its return following the Cassie video. (Rolling Stone)

It doesn’t sound like Lorne Michaels is retiring anytime soon. (THR)

CoffeeShopReader got her hands on GBBO fan favorite Janusz Domagala’s new baking book, Baking with Pride, and recommends stocking up on food coloring and having fun. “Most of what is in here is cake, but there’s also an assortment of other interesting things, like some cookies, pastries, and other goodies.” Have you tried any of the Great British Bake-Off’s contestants’ books? (Cannonball Read 16)


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