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UK Board Class 12 Political Science Previous Year Question Papers: Download in PDF

UBSE Class 12 Political Science Previous Year Question Paper: In order to effectively prepare for the upcoming UBSE Class 12 Political Science exam, students should solve previous years’ question papers of Political Science. This is the best practice to familiarise yourself with the exam pattern, understand the types of questions asked, and enhance your time management skills. By solving the old question papers, you can identify important topics, assess your knowledge, and gain confidence in tackling different question formats. This will contribute to a well-rounded preparation for the UK Board Class 12 Political Science Exam 2024, helping you secure the desired marks.

The set of last five years’ UK Board Class 12 Political Science question papers is available in this article. The question papers are available for download in PDF format here. Make the most of these resources to enhance your exam preparation for the upcoming Class 12 Political Science Exam in the UK Board.

UBSE Class 12 Political Science Marks Distribution 2023-24

The Uttarakhand Board of Secondary Education, UBSE has provided the chapter-wise marking scheme for Class 12 Political Scinece which is to be followed in the upcoming board exams. Knowing this marking scheme will help you prioritise the revision of the chapters carrying high weightage and optimise your preparations for the upcoming UK Board Class 12 Political Science Exam 2024.  

Here’s the chapter-wise marks distribution for UBSE Class 12 Political Science for the 2023-24 examinations:


Marks Allotted

1. The End of Bipolarity


2. Contemporary Centres of Power


3. Contemporary South Asia


4. International Organizations


5. Security in the Contemporary World


6. Environment and Natural Resources


7. Globalisation




1. Challenges of Nation – Building


2. Era of One – Party Dominance


3. Politics of Planned Development


4. India’s External Relations


5. Challenges to and Restoration of the Congress System


6. The Crisis of Democratic Order


7. Regional Aspirations


8. Recent Developments in Indian Politics




Grand Total


UBSE Class 12 Political Science Question Paper Pattern 2024

The question paper format for the Uttarakhand Board Class 12 Political Science Exam 2024 will based on the following structure:

(i) The question paper will have a total of 26 questions with all being compulsory.

(ii) Question number 1 will have 10 sub-questions in MCQ format. Each question will carry 1 mark.

(iii) Question number 2 – 7 will be of one word answer type with each carrying  1 mark.

(iv) Question number 8 – 12 will be very short answer type questions carrying 2 marks each.

(v) Question number 13 – 20 will be short answer type questions carrying 3 marks each.

(vi) Question number 21 – 25 will be long answer type questions carrying 5 marks each.

(vii) Question number 26 will be a source based question of 5 marks.

(viii) There will be no overall choice in the question paper, however, internal options will be provided in some questions.

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