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Almond-Packed Shower Creams – L’OCCITANE Almond Delicious Shower Cream is Luxuriously Nourishing (

Set of

Almond-Packed Shower Creams

L’OCCITANE Almond Delicious Shower Cream is Luxuriously Nourishing

L’OCCITANE Almond Delicious Shower Cream has been added to the brand’s Almond collection as a luxurious cosmetic product perfect for consumers to use as a way to elevate their experience in the shower.

The product boasts a rich, creamy consistency that’s positioned as a silkier alternative to the Almond Shower Oil with a whipped texture. The cream is formulated with sweet almond oil sustainably sourced from Provence and is suited for all skin types. The product provide optimal hydration with delicate scent to boot for a spa-like experience.

L’OCCITANE Almond Delicious Shower Cream is making its way to the UK market on April 25, 2024 when shoppers can pick it up in 200ml tubes for £17.50 alongside the rest of the Almond collection.

Trend Themes

1. Luxurious Cosmetic Products – Exploring the market for shower creams that deliver a deluxe experience beyond traditional body washes.

2. Sustainable Sourcing – Embracing sustainable practices in ingredient sourcing to meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly beauty products.

3. Spa-like Shower Experiences – Creating formulations that provide optimal hydration and fragrances to mimic a high-end spa experience in the shower.

Industry Implications

1. Beauty and Skincare – Innovating in the beauty industry to offer consumers upscale cosmetic products that prioritize nourishment and indulgence.

2. Sustainability and Eco-friendly – Revolutionizing the sustainability sector by promoting ethically sourced ingredients in personal care products to align with eco-conscious consumer values.

3. Hospitality and Spa Services – Transforming the spa industry by introducing at-home products that replicate the luxurious experience of high-end spa treatments for everyday use.


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